Massages for MAWS

A celebration of Mothers for this Mother's Day

$365 was raise on May 10th & 17th for this wonderful organization

Thank You For Participating

Kur Massage Therapy will be hosting two days of massage sessions in which all proceeds will be donated to MAWS (Marin Abused Woman's Services), on Saturday May 10th and 17th. Each session will be a 60 minute full body Swedish massage. At the end of which, your donation will be submitted to MAWS via their website. Space is limited so schedule your appointment soon.

During the month of May, we take time out to celebrate all the selfless acts Mothers provide for their children. Often to the expense of their own health and wellbeing. My own mother certainly was one of those people who always put the wellbeing of her family far ahead of her own. This will be our first Mother's Day without her. Therefore, I couldn't think of a more fitting way to honor her memory and the example she set for how to be humble and selfless in the care of others. Contributing to an organization such as MAWS, heals and helps countless lives through some of the toughest circumstances imaginable.


As a business owner and member of the Marin County community, I believe that a healthy, vibrant and prosperous community begins by helping those among us with the greatest need. Join us this May 10th and 17th in contributing to the prosperity of our community by receiving a massage and contributing to MAWS.

Space is limited. Schedule today:


Saturday May 10th & 17th

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Here is a little more information about the wonderful work that MAWS provides the community:


Center for Domestic Peace was founded in 1977 by a group of visionary women operating under the name Marin Abused Women’s Services (MAWS).  Since then, we have helped thousands of women, children, and men to end the violence and to achieve safe, productive lives.


MAWS started as a volunteer effort with women being sent to private homes for safety.  Over the years, we have grown to provide a wide array of services, which include:


•    24/7 English & Spanish hotlines

•    Safety planning

•    Emergency shelter

•    Transitional housing

•    Drop-in support groups

•    Domestic violence response teams

•    Information and referrals

•    Advocacy, court accompaniment, and referrals

•    Classes and training for men and women to learn how to stop their violence

•    Community education and prevention programs for youth and adults

•    Technical assistance and training for local, state, and national groups

•    Policy development


To better reflect the wide range of our current and future work, in October 2010 we adopted a new name – Center for Domestic Peace – where MAWS continues to find its home.


Center for Domestic Peace has accomplished amazing things since 1977 and is known as a leader in the field of domestic violence prevention.  Our Milestones Brochure highlights our achievements and accolades.


To learn more about MAWS go to: http://www.maws.org

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